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Interesting and Challenging

I want to congratulate you on the first edition of The Sycamore, with its perspectives from both clergy and laity on topics that both interest and challenge readers.

“Growth in Spirit” framed for me questions and answers I have either asked or need to ask myself. It is an article that can serve as a focus for discussion within congregations journeying from a collection of individuals to community of others. Thank you.

Dean Gail Greenwell’s article regarding the role of the cathedral was also challenging, as it was informative. And it was good to read articles by members of Christ Church Cathedral who are committed to working out their faith in their daily lives. Good job all!

Priscilla Dunn
Cincinnati, Ohio



God’s Vision for Us

Congratulations on the great inaugural edition of The Sycamore. We enjoyed the depth and scope of the articles. Barbara Lyghtel Rohrer’s seminal article, “Growth in Spirit,” provides guideposts for our journey to live out God’s vision for us. It points to the beauty and spirituality that can enlarge our view of community and nurture our passion for service. The ten spiritual practices have become an ongoing part of our conversation.

Our friends with whom we shared the online Sycamore found the same beauty and spirituality that we experienced.

Thank you for a great publication and best wishes for future editions.

John and Toni Grate
Cincinnati, Ohio



With Gratitude

The Sycamore is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The content is great, but I especially respond to the format and art. It shows great care, and I’m grateful it represents Christ Church Cathedral.

Beverly Jones
Wilder, Kentucky