Our Faith Stories: A Mini Q&A
with Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry

Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry shares some brief thoughts on why our faith stories are important.


Why are our faith stories important?

Our faith stories are important because our stories are important. Your story and my story are actually the narrative of our lives. Your story is who you are –– it’s the experiences that have shaped you; it’s the people who have inspired you; it’s all of the hurts, all of the happiness, all the glory. Your story is actually the narrative of you.

Our faith story is really who we are, as the children of God, how we have lived our lives walking before the Lord, as the Old Testament says. And that matters.


How can our stories help us grow in faith?

The state of not being aware of our story is sometimes called amnesia. The state of bringing one’s story to consciousness might be called awareness. The ancient writers of the church often said that lack of awareness is damnation, while awareness is salvation.