I enter the pine forest, and looming into view
is a lean-to built among three huge trunks,
crisscrossed like Lincoln Logs® to form a structure.

Holy Motion

Pierson Feeney, sixth grade, couldn’t stand —
much less sit—still.
Couldn’t attend birthday parties without ADHD...


The man who underwent death and lived to tell told me to be the mentor he’s seen me be. Sent to a healer, he became too sick to even...

In The Garden

He walked into the garden to pray And under the hardened, gnarled tree Felt silver light in the night of the day And wondered how long it would be. His eyes moved upward to the moon How very far away it...


I praise you Lord For the star You have placed nearby So that it may Draw from the earth Sprouts to flatter bees Trees to sway the birds Herbs to please the herbivores Which ease carnivorous mouths So...

There is Now Grace

There is now grace in the act of watering the garden. From the shingles of my Cincinnati two-story rain travels to green barrels upcycled from storing food-grade wine flavoring to a new life on wood...